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Subject:My Dream So we were on the sky scraper with Victoria and Luies and then we jumped down. We went back to the hide away and kicked every one out. Then Louies wanted to talk to me in private. Victoria said”I’ll be down in the training room.” She grabbed to daggers and left. Then luies looked at me and asked.” Will u be my girl friend?” I screamed yes! Then Victoria said .” What’s all the screaming bout?” I told her he asked we both screamed! Then she left to lift waits. Luies kissed me. Then dad came down and got really mad. P.S he saw us kissing! Any way gabe came down and started beating him up! So I swiped his leg making him fall. Then I grabbed a dagger and whispered to him. “Keep ur hands off my boy friend!” Then he ran out the door. Dad looked at me and left. Then I went to the training room and grabbed a sword. I was practicing sword fighting. By the time I was done I had a sliced the and scratched forehead. I could feel it to. Wi’ll I was grabbing something some one broke in. I grabbed a dagger and sliced his stomach he shot my foot! Then I got back up grabbed my hatch it and thru it at his forehead. He fell to the ground. Then I checked on Luies and Victoria. They were alive! I looked at the guys ID. He went to prison 11 times! He had about 2,000 dollars. I took it. Then we went home. Victoria and Luies stayed at my house cause they’re parents were on vacation. We slepted on the roof cause we kept getting yelled at. I fell to sleep. When I woke Victoria was gone! She was about to be kidnapped when I shot the person. My friend Rena was behind the person and ran away screaming “No wonder I call u crazy! Ok. I said. Then we went back to training. I practiced among my daggers at the target. Then I went to show my friends something. A garage. When I opened it there were three motercycles 3 helmets and that’s all. But then Sabrina showed up. So with a click of a button 1 more of each. Then I woke up!: I have to admit it was crazier when u could see it happen😝😇😴

I have crazy dreams

  1. So I’ve been having some crazy dreams like…:My Dream: Part 1:                               I was at a party with my family and my crush. Then I suddenly pasted out When I woke up I was by apparently my hide out my crush told me to put in the code. So I did. When I looked at the cameras there were………..!